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Almost all microchips are created equal, so why pay more than you need?  We offer regular size and mini size microchips at wholesale prices.  We are a family owned microchip company based out of Dallas Texas USA.  Many people microchip their own pets, though it is recommended to be done by a veterinarian.  If you want to microchips yourself, we recommend watching videos on how to do it online, then consult your veterinarian.

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The standard microchip is about the size of a grain of rice; our new mini's are approximately 33% shorter, 33% more narrow, and use a smaller syringe for insertion!

K9Microchips.com is committed to supporting those who truly care for our animals.  Veterinarians, Breeders, Pet Stores, Rescue Groups, Shelters, and all those who help do the right thing for our companions.

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Hello, and welcome to our website. Our goal at K9Microchips.com is to make pet microchips available to everyone, and at a great price. So what is a pet microchip? A pet microchip is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of your dog or cat. The chip is about the size of a large grain of rice, and uses passive Radio Frequency Identification technology to identify your pet. Grain of rice too big? We also offer mini microchips, measuring only 1.4 millimeters wide! The all in one design makes implanting a breeze, and our microchips are pre-installed within the sealed and sterilized disposable implanter. Once the microchip has been inserted, your pet may now be identified without a collar, simply by using a pet microchip reader. Don’t have a reader? You don’t need one. Your veterinarian & local shelter should have one. Our Universal I.S.O. microchips each have their own unique 15 digit number, and are accompanied with six document stickers for your records. Rescue? Veterinarian? Breeder? Pet Owner? Pet Store? Zoo? School? We’re here for you. Thanks for checking us out, we hope to ship your chips soon!

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