Please Read Prior To Purchase

Release of Liability Acknowledgement

Please understand that you use pet microchips at your own risk. accepts no liability for damage or injury to any person, animal, or object in any situation  It is strongly advised that you ask your pets healthcare professional or veterinarian any questions you may have prior to use, and inquire that they perform the implant procedure.  Animal microchips are to be inserted under an animals skin, never in muscle or any other part of the body.  Every syringe, microchip, & package is to be used at your own risk.

Further, please understand that any company information acquired through business transactions, including contact information of company representatives (names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.), is restricted from being shared. & its representatives are in no way obligated to assist anyone in anyway that did not directly do business with  We make no promise to keep information on who purchases microchips, nor to document which microchips are shipped to which customers.